About Us

Our Story

The Internet connects people worldwide and should be used to broaden people’s horizons and help them find quickly what they are looking for. This summarises the philosophy of Makawiel Publishing. We aim to broaden people’s horizons through many internet portals we operate and provide professional services facilitating the development of your projects. We provide full-scale SEO services, text services and offer advertising space on a wide range of websites.

It is said that the accurate measure of quality is a satisfied client. Our work’s objective is to put all our creativity, experience, and diligence into creating values that assist you in developing your projects and, by doing so, gaining your satisfaction.

We do not practice double standards when assessing our clients. You can get in contact and show us your project. We will gladly treat your project individually, provide free consultations, as well as all the information about the options we can offer to you. Our policy relies on the concept of high-quality work for a reasonable cost. Because of that, large companies and small users who want someone to take care of their website approach us quite frequently. An experienced and well-coordinated team that respects your requirements and brings you the desired effect ensures our work’s high quality.


History of the company

The beginning of our activities can be traced back to 2009 when our team provided text services, graphics, and partial SEO services. Over time, we have improved our activities, expanded the services provided, and recruited more colleagues. Our close co-operation culminated in 2013 when we established Makawiel Publishing s.r.o. that offers high quality and affordable services. We provided our clients with the assistance necessary for the development of their internet projects. At the same time, we focused on building our projects. Initially, most of our clients came from the Czech Republic. Along with developing international projects, foreign clients began to be interested in our services. We currently offer our services throughout the European Union; however, we are approached by clients from other countries. We offer co-operation to everyone interested in our services or would like to bet involved in our projects.