Editorial services

Do you need to acquire articles for your blog or online magazine regularly? Providing editorial services is one of our main activities. We actively post our articles in hundreds of online magazines and blogs of our clients. Take advantage of our services and ensure regular editorial services.

Suppose you own a website and consider adding a blog section or having a magazine and want to employ good editors. In that case, we can provide you with regular content. We continuously evaluate the needs of our clients individually. Therefore, we discuss with you the frequency of writing and the topics.

What languages can we provide our services in?

We can write posts in English, German or Czech. If you are interested in other languages, we can arrange the translation of articles by professional translators we co-operate with.

How much do editorial services cost?

Prices are indicative; they may vary according to the text’s difficulty and length, and its topic. We reserve the right to reject the commission if our editors assess the subject as inappropriate.